Trying Something New

Hello Hello
So I've been trying something new...
Since about the middle of August I have slowed down in my reading and finally...finally after months and months of a dry spell in my craft room I have found inspiration again.
One evening, late as it was, I tuned into YouTube and voila...there it was...
Art Journaling
Now art journaling isn't something new not even to me but every time I have ever taken a closer look at art journaling and the examples shown, I must admit I was a bit put off. I'm not knockin' anybody because this form of journaling is very personal (like any journal) and so to each their own, but I just couldn't see any inspiration in any of the pieces that I was seeing.
But for being an artsy crafter and a journaler at one time or another, I wanted to give it a fair go-round so I tried it...
this is what I came up with.
Yep my very first page and well it's a start, it's not my favorite and even now writing this up I can't honestly say that I even like it all that much now but...
again it's a start
and it is more me than anything else I'd seen previously so I'm okay with it. 
Now for the bits and pieces that I do like:
I like the torn book pages, I like the stenciling that I did with paint and with ink and the way the paint creates texture whereas the ink almost blends into the paper, I like that I was able to use my own die cuts to add more texture, and I like the teal color. Now for my next page I want to concentrate on my collage - to find a rhythm that works for me, maybe with the help of different die cuts and or different stencils then I also want to focus my color palette a bit more, make it tighter more put together then maybe I will find my groove...
so wish me well on my next art journal attempt and I will make sure that I share it with you as I figure out this whole new way of creating.
Until next time...
just B


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