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Today I just wanted to give you all a quick peek at another of my recent Art Journal pages. Probably within the last month or so I have decided to get serious about doing some art journaling, I have seen it around for years and even tried my hand at it a few times in the past with mixed feelings but this time I won't give in so easily.
so here is my next stab at this whole journaling thing...now this one was not lyrically inspired but rather driven by my own need to remind myself constantly that it's okay to dream and it's okay for multiple dreams at the same time and it's okay for not a one of them to relate to any of the others...
dream WILD!!!
Don't know about any of you but there is a whole list of things and places and ideas that I have yet to do and if there is any way under the sun that I could ever accomplish even half of them then I will amaze even myself for dreaming them up in the first place.
Now the piece that really inspired this is the texture mesh that you see in the photo above, I actually got that piece of mesh from Ice Pops, you know the Popsicles that you get at the grocery story and then freeze yourself...my husband loves them so I literally had bags and bags sitting in our deep freeze half full because he won't eat the green ones but then he won't condense the bags when he opens a new one so as I was cleaning out that afore mentioned deep freeze I had like five or six so I figured what the heck, lets see what I can do with them...
I love the texture that it gives me and it was fairly easy to adhere to the page I just used matte medium and viola.
that was that, painted it all black, added a metallic paint over the top, stenciled on the word DREAM and used some sticker letters for WILD, then finished it off with some red splatters. It was quite easy and fast actually and it's one that I like with it's double personality - clean yet complete grunge - awesome!
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Have a Great Weekend!
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