Unplugged and Unnerved

Hello Hello
Just jumping on here real quick to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you but I've been unplugged for almost a week, my laptop bit the dust and so for the past several days I've been cleaning out and shaping up my old laptop...and oh my goodness were there a ton of updates to run...the good news is I am up and running again (not quite as fast but better than nothing) and working on a post very quickly!

In the meantime here is my latest on Instagram, also I actually painted my nails! I don't think I've done that in over 10 years, with the job that I do both career and craft wise it proves to be a futile effort. I think my oldest daughter might have been just a tad bit jealous though because now she wants white nail polish too...imagine that!
More to come I promise now that I'm no longer unplugged, hopefully tomorrow but for sure by Friday. Hope you are enjoying your work week and have a relaxing weekend planned, be sure to check back and thank you so much for stopping in.
just B


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