Oh To Flutter and Fly

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What's up? Are ya needin' some color in your day? Here in the Midwest we are coming into Fall colors something beautiful but I still thought I'd share this bright little beauty.
This butterfly chipboard album has been covered with this bright colorful pattern paper for probably two years and I've been stuck ever since...
well not anymore - I decided to embrace the bright, bold colors and go with it.
So the way I set up the pages is that they flip up - on the top of the page I used a Polaroid die cut frame as a photo tuck, there is a plastic sheet to cover up the square cut out in the middle of that frame. Tucked into that frame I included two journal spots and there is plenty of room for a couple of photos as well.
As for the bottom page each one has a mini envelope with a either one or two extra journal spots. I kept this page fairly simple and had I thought about it a bit further I would have flipped the bottom and the top pages, putting the photo tuck on the bottom and the mini envelopes on the top but such is life.
This mini envelope is the only one that actually has three mini journal spots in it.
I mixed up the journal spots between 4 different acrylic stamps that I own so there are two of each that I stamped. Normally when I stamp images to then use in mini books such as this one, I will use either black or brown ink and stamp on a heavier white or cream card stock. Over the years this has just become my preference, I like that I can see the image and that the paper can handle the wear and tear. 
In the background where it isn't so noticeable, I used a mini Eiffel Tower die cut to represent the body of the butterfly. It works...I think?
Now you may have noticed that each of my mini envelopes that I used are not only different but they all close differently too. This one below actually has a Velcro dot to keep it closed, the reason I did this is because there really isn't a way to glue this particular die closed, the edges don't have enough hang over so the Velcro was the next best idea.
And of course it has it's own journal spots too.
Here's a closer look at the other two journal spots that I used. I love the calendar, so many times when I forget to put a date on something I always end up kicking myself later. Getting older does horrid things to my memory.
So here's the final page and for an end I thought it would okay to just leave this envelope open, the other pages when the book is closed will keep the things inside where they need to be kept.
So there you have it...do you like it? I was a bit concerned because I'm not really a bright bold colors kind of gal, I like muted colors best and earth tones even more so but all in all I think this mini is absolutely adorable.
On the cover I added a doily die tied up with some teal twine, added a couple of small bright colored paper flowers, tucked in behind the doily are two yellow skeleton leaves that help soften up the whole ensemble. Love it!

Hope you like it as well, if you have any questions let me know. So glad you were able to stop in for a bit, thank you.
Later this week I'll be sharing a new fall project that I am super happy with, hope you'll join me then as well. Until then be safe and have a great week.
just B 


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