Spiral Bound Mini

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How's the day treatin' ya? Just fine and dandy I hope. I can't complain myself really I've had a pretty darn good day so far and my plan is to make it even better by getting some crafting done later. Maybe some scrappin' or some stampin' or some inkin'...
I'm not rightly sure just yet.
So for now let's just take a look at number five in my Pirates Cheer Mini Series. This mini book is a tried but true type. The covers are done with a medium weight chipboard and the pages are all done with white card stock that I buy at Staples. This is a spiral bound mini using my Cinch binder and some 3/4 o-rings. As a side note, I have found that the Cinch is actually easier to line up holes with than the bind-it-all but for aesthetic purposes I don't really have one that I like better, circle holes are just as good as rectangular holes to me. 
The pages in this mini are super simple, they are just plain white card stock as I mentioned and I left them this way on purpose. For one - you could add a 4 x 6 photo right to the card stock page and then a journal spot on top of it, or two - you could add in some ephemera or some hand writings, or three - and one that I thought would be really cool - is to add some washi tape to your pages and then adhere your photos and/or journaling over the top of that.
You will notice that I did add in a few pieces here and there. There are two of these little pockets/bags in this mini and then I added the twine so that you could stuff a little bit more in that too if you wanted. Also I made a couple of photo tucks at the bottom of a couple of pages, so if you have extra pictures that you'd still like to add then you could double a couple of them up and then stick them down in the tuck and use the twine to help rein them in where they're suppose to be. What do you think of that idea?...pretty good...
The final pieces I added in here were two side tucks that I created using a die cut that I cut in half and I had in mind that this spot would be good for some ephemera. This is the only page of it's kind in the mini which makes it kinda special on it's own and I think that it kinda requires some special pieces to hold on to. If you're worried about it falling through the bottom just grab a couple of paper clips and you shouldn't need to worry anymore.
Also I added in a couple of journaling spots (not pictured here) that I thought would be a perfect place for some more stories. Last but not least I added in a few paperclips to help keep things contained and just whatever they may be needed for.
So there you have it, a 'plain jane' mini that is super simple but could end up being the best little mini full of memories and memorabilia.
just B 


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