2 Ring CD Mini

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I'm back again...I know...so soon you say that's not like you...well no it's not but I had an extra minute so I thought that I'd share the next in my mini series.
This one I'm calling my favorite, well not really...but it is my favorite...um er...my second favorite...um...no...definitely my favorite. 
But really the name is 2 Ring CD Mini and I'm positive once again that you can figure out why.
And yes I do realize that the official names that I am giving each of these minis is not very creative...I guess I used it all up.
So how did I make this one you ask? 
Well I started with a medium weight chip board and cut four pieces: two for my spine and two for a front and back cover. 
Next I covered all the pieces and created the whole as I did so, meaning that once I had it all done outside and inside, it ended up as one piece. 
Then I attached my 2 ring binder  
piece using the brads that came with it. Now I am sure everyone has their own way of attaching this metal piece but my favorite way is to put the prong sides of the brads coming out through the cover which means that they are showing on the spine...BUT...that is where my second spine piece comes in. 
I always cut two spines, one just a tad bit smaller than the actual spine. For this second spine I go ahead and cover the outside of it but don't bother with finishing off the inside because that will actually be what I attach to my book's spine to cover up those brad's prongs that came out from the inside. 
Now the reason I do it this way is because in the end it gives my book two finished sides, the inside has the brad tops and the outside has a cover spine giving it some added support as well if not an architectural flare.
Now as for the pages, this is where CD in the name comes in. One of my favorite things to do with my mini books is to use whatever I can get my hands on and for this particular mini I used clear CD envelopes. They are one of the best things I have ever bought for mini books and I use them a lot. 
For one - they are durable; two - they are clear and already act as a 'page protector' and three - they're just cool. So to get the holes punched I used my Tim Holtz binder punch that fit the 2 ring binder piece that I added in earlier with the brads.
 So far I haven't ever ran into any problems with punching holes into these CD envelopes, I've even used my Zutter Bind-It-All on them before and it's never a problem. 
So there you have it, number four in my Pirates Cheer Mini Series. 
Oh and the reason it's my favorite?...


you see it's like this...

I am addicted to Instagram and this would be the perfect mini book for all those insta shots, don't you think?
Well thanks again for comin' by, if you've any questions please ask and I'll answer best I can.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!


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