Whole Hearted

Hello Hello

So it's been a little over a week since I've posted - but I've been working on something - 
something big!
I've been creating some heART work
and I gotta tell ya...
so far I am a very happy girl!
This crossroad has been a long time in coming. I have been feeling the desire to do something that will allow me the reassurance I need to know that I can change for the good and to acknowledge that this everyday 'living' that I claim to be doing isn't the whole me.
I was RIGHT!!!

 There is a whole heart in this body and I desperately want to begin living wholehearted. What better way than to take Oprah's life class with Brene Brown? This e-course happened in my lap about 3 months ago when one of the Instagramers I follow had posted her registration. I immediately found the information and read through the outline summary, it was exactly what I was looking for. I have long been inspired by Brene Brown's work and wisdom so I was extremely excited about this possibility. 
Unfortunately with the holidays so close at hand then, I couldn't justify the expense on something so 'outside the lines' but then came the 'New Year' and well it came down to a defining moment. You know what I'm talking about...it's that one moment that catches you off guard, when your body is already running on empty and your control seems to be in the hands of a puppeteer and at any given second your soul could just be sucked right out of you - you know right then that it's do or die, yeah...
that pretty much sums it up...
I felt I was in a do or die dilemma. 
Dilemma you ask? 
Yes. Unfortunately that is the correct word...I had a very heavy choice to make because on the one hand I could continue on the same path that I've already been down a thousand times before (quite literally a soul suck) and always brings me right back to here or on the other hand I could 'DARE' a different path that was filled with a lot of serious emotional heART work that I would normally avoid at all costs and well...

I'm choosing to 'DARE'
I'm daring myself to let go of who I think I'm suppose to be, to become who I really am! I will embrace that inner child and remind her that there is a great big whole heart in here that needs the opportunity to love and be loved so that she can shine! 
We all have our paths to take and no one way works for everyone but not to worry because the only one that matters right now is the one that I'm traveling. So with no comparisons and no judgement of myself or of others, from this point on I am keeping a whole heart as my travel companion and I am practicing everyday that even though I am imperfect, I am worthy of this journey and that I belong on this path.

just B


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