Mickey's Magical Mini Autograph Album

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How is everyone today?

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Today is the day right? 
Well...make it your day, that's what I say.
But first join me as I show you what I made for my two nieces and my nephew as part of their Christmas present.
My brother and his family are doing a Disney World vacation this summer so my gift was a gift card to each of the kiddos so that they would have some money to spend while they are there, right? I even went as far as ordering specific characters on each card, as each kid likes his or her own. Well when I went online to Disney.com and typed in gift cards it suggests more choices that relate to the one you are looking at; so what I came across was a little autograph album. What a fantastic idea, love it. Their book is 4 1/2 by 6 with 100 blank pages and no pen, then only the inside cover has a spot for a picture. 
The cost is $8.00 USD.
 Alright...no big deal, price point seems reasonable enough...until my little scrapper mind takes a hold and runs like the wind caught in a tornado, around and around she goes...where she lands nobody knows.
Well I figured for 8 bucks surely I could come up with something better than 100 blank pages.
Of course at some point I do want a few blanks in there so that if Goofy has really big handwriting he can fit it in somewhere. Or if Snow White has a sudden adoration for my niece AnnaB, she'll have a roomy spot to leave her a personal message. 
But in my version I have also included a couple of journal spots so that my sister-in-law can jot down a few facts from their vacation-if she is so inclined.
I also included a resealable pocket for all the ticket stubs (if that's even used these days) but more importantly their gift card that I originally purchased because even after they use all the money value on it, with each of them having their favorite character they could save that in one of the pockets that I created for that exact reason...Amazing! Some other things that I was thinking they could save inside the pockets were:
the tags off of whatever is purchased
the receipt of such afore mentioned items
the packaging from the afore afore mentioned
maybe the napkin the girls use at their tea party with the princesses
their day passes into the park (if they even have those anymore)
and of course
PHOTOS-small ones so that they all fit.
Seriously people, you might think that these things are crazy to keep but I'm telling you, with as fast as things and technology move these days, very soon they will be (if not already) a thing of the past...
granted I'm sure that we'll still need pretty little napkins in the future to use at a tea with the Disney Princesses, but you get what I'm saying I hope.
So this is my take of a Disney Autograph Album...oh and that reminds me, their version gives you a pen holder but no pen, in mine...
you even get the pen...Fancy that!
So real quick, my album is 5 by 3 1/2 and I have a clear belt tuck with a Velcro closure. I used the Simple Stories Collection Line Say Cheese. The covers were cut from medium weight chipboard then covered with one of the pattern papers from the collection and the Snap cards from the collection are used throughout as well. The binding was done using the Zutter Bind-it-All with black o-rings. For the autograph pages I used Bazzill's Walnut Creme which matches the collection perfectly and is my absolute favorite creme color that can also pass as white sometimes. For a few of the pages I used a plastic paper (seriously-same plastic you see on the cover) and then for the Snap cards that were a quote instead of a journal spot, I adhered them quote side to the plastic by sewing them on - that way the backs of those cards can still be autographed. I will most likely get more of this collection because not only is it colorful and adorable, it is one of the best Disney lines out, that I've ever seen. As I said the colors are bright and bold even, but they are not like in your face bright - compared to some others out there this is certainly a toned down collection but I rather like it a lot. If you are a Disney lover like myself you should definitely go check out this Simple Stories line.
Okay so...that's it...that's all I got for today, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear from you.
Hope you all are having a smooth start to this fabulous new year & I thank you for stoppin' in and takin' a peek! 
More to come later this week so stop-n-peek again soon

just B  


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