Teresa Collins' Santa's List 6 x 6

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So I thought that I would share a couple more of my Christmas mini albums with you over the next couple of days. This one was sold in my Etsy shop several weeks ago but I'm hoping that it'll give you some inspiration if you're in need of that like I am desperately right now.
I think of all the ones I've made over the last couple of months this one was my second favorite, probably because of this gorgeous paper line by Teresa Collins. It seems that this lady and I must be on the same universal plane, everything in the last couple of years by her - I have just...completely embraced as my own. She is certainly one creative soul. 
Love the journal cards that she always includes in her paper lines. In this mini book I included several of her journal cards and then added in a couple of white photo mats so that it would help support the color scheme and not distract from it. That is what I love about it so much...the soft, subtle colors.
I also added in a couple of snap cards from Simple Stories as well, they added journal space and they added to the collection very nicely, with their vintage style they blend in seamlessly.
So this is how I set up every other page - on the left side you see the large photo mat and then on the right you see the two snap cards that are tucked into a tab at the bottom and held in place by the mini banner at the top  (love this idea)
On the other pages I used the journal cards from the paper collection and then added in a photo mat on the opposite page.
You may notice that I also added one or two clear CD envelopes, I wanted whomever took it home to have some extra spots for photos. My thought was that since Instagram is so popular still, that this square envelope would make a great pocket for those. 
Here's a couple more of the snap cards, although the intention was to get extra journal spots, I also couldn't help but to add in a couple of the quotes, they just seemed fitting for this mini book.
So there you have the general idea of how this book came together. I did keep the layout of it fairly simple because you never know who's going to buy it and I wanted them to not have to think too hard on how to use it. This one is very straight forward, you add your photos and your stories - done!
And that's not to say that they can't go back in afterwards and add a bit more embellishments if they want, they absolutely could and it would still flow very nicely I think. So hopefully this gives you a starting point or a place to jump in. I just know what works for me and even the simplest ideas gets the creative juices flowing.
If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back with you as soon as I can. Hope you enjoyed this little walk through and I hope that you'll join me again soon.

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