A Year in Review

Hello Hello

I am hoping everyone survived all that turkey goodness from last weeks festivities? I think I may have gone over board just a little bit but only because my pecan pie turned out absolutely divine and my brother devoured the pumpkin one so I can only guess that it was pretty awesome too.

Thanks again mom!

So originally I thought that I'd get back to sharing layouts, as you know I've been on an odd layout kick lately (I'll blame it on the Christmas season just getting under way - I'm always more sentimental around this time of year)  but instead - I have something I want to show you because with 2013 winding down and 2014 right around the corner this little fella just seemed like more of a 'right now' kinda project that I think you'll like...heck you may even want to make one... 
(and of course I'd most certainly encourage that kind of behavior)!

So for today I want to share an idea I had a couple months back when I was hot & heavy into making my toilet paper mini books. I love the mini books but I have a thing for files, not sure why and I don't dare dig any deeper, but earlier this year I created three small file 'boxes' (I'm using that term loosely) and decided to try one using the TP rolls.
This is what I came up with!
It's a mini file mini book - does that make sense? Now when I made this I wasn't exactly sure what it would end up becoming but I knew I wanted it to have 12 files, again not sure why the #12 but I s'pose it's kinda one of my numbers. Turns out it was a good thing because I am going to use it as a 'Year in Review', so now each month gets it's own 15 minutes of fame. 

 For each file I have a little tag that pulls out from the top which would be perfect for small photos from throughout the year and then on the pages I can add in some journal spots to jot down a few of the happenings from that particular month, therefore in fact making this a mini book...file style.
   Now the only question is can I remember that far back?

As for the 'files' (TP rolls) I used a lot of bright colors so that it is cheerful. I also made a closure for it. I'm not sure how much this little fella will hold (empty it does well standing up) but I'd like for it to be able to stand on it's own base once it is full, in order to do that I thought that this little elastic band might help. Now down the road if need be, to keep the band in place, I can add some embellishments on the outside cover for it to sit underneath that way it'll stay put but I'm going to wait on that for a bit longer and just see where this one ends up as I begin to file in some memories.
So...what do you think?
I'm thinking of all the possibilities that this could potentially have. 
How fun!!!
Well I hope this has given you a new idea to try and to see what you can make of it. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.
I thank you for stopping in and letting me share with you a passion of mine, I do hope you'll stop in again soon. 
Thanks again!!!
just B


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