Halloween Fun

All Hallow's Eve is a favorite around here and one that I have enjoyed since I was a kid. Although it's been many years since I have dressed up my husband joins our daughter in the fun and I just try to hang on for the ride. Our festivities started out on Wednesday @ Carolyn's Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch and boy did we have fun. Liberty's favorite thing was not the hayride (if you could even call it that) nor was it the petting zoo, or either of the kids mazes they had, it was the trikes!!! She threw a fit when I asked her to come and try out some other things, like the slides and the swings, no way she just wanted to ride on the tricycles. The mind of a 2 1/2 year old-just never know what you're gonna get. She did finally give up the wheels and went and tried the slides and with much enthusiasm did it again, and again, and again. The train ride I thought was cool, enough to entertain her, I think she liked it. After that we took a 'hayride' out to the smaller of the two pumpkin patches and found two very small pumpkins that looked just about Liberty's size (not that we needed them but all in good fun) and decided they needed to come home with us. Then before we left we hit the trikes one more time since she had so much fun with them earlier. All in all we spent about two hours @ the patch and were quite tired that evening as we settled down to nite-nite.

Our next celebration was in fact Halloween! Liberty has been so excited to dress up this year. Once dad brought home her costume from Grandma's, she's been telling everyone she's going to be a lady bug and that saying 'trick or treat' will get her lots of candy. This girl is crazy about suckers, thanks to dad : ))

She is quite the BUG....but we love her! : ))

She had a full halloween; first day-care had their halloween parade in the morning, then that afternoon her classroom had their party (I had made up little treat bags for the kids to take home-with goodies to wear and play with - I told ya halloween is my FAV), then that evening we went to my uncle's house where the rest of the family gathered, to go trick or treat with Liberty's cousin Elyse. What a great day, the weather was uncommonly warm, perfect for walking in, the atmosphere was pleasant with the sounds of kids laughing and having fun, and then to be able to top it all off with the comforts of family....I am so blessed.

Hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween, filled to the brim with lots of candy. I thank you for stopping by to visit. Tomorrow morning Bill & I head out to San Diego & I am so excited. When I return I will show you what I have been working on, my own 'December Daily' album. I am pretty excited about it, also I will be playing with my new 'Bind-It-All' machine and will show you what I come up with using that...finally...been waiting along time for that thing so, anyways until I see you again, just be.......comfortable!


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