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Just poppin' in real quick to share an older project with you all, I believe I did this mini book around six years ago. It always amazes me when I go back and see projects like this because I still remember them but because it's been so long I don't remember doing it, not really anyways...lol
So the question is how did I actually make this? Well let's find out together shall we?
Looks like I started with kraft envelopes which are made with a heavier paper, a bit thicker than your average scrapbook paper and did a hidden hinge binding.
the envelope basically has both of it's long sides open, the left side (spine) opening slides onto the 'hinge' making the right side open to slide in a card or journal spot or something else of the sort
For each page I added in places to dub as tuck spots also giving me lots of places to keep notes and pictures and whatever else comes to mind.
Here in the photo above you'll see on the left-hand side page the blank decorative edge at the bottom is used as a tuck spot for a quote that I like and the the right-hand side page has a photo barely peeking out from the edge of the paper
I did decorate the pages as well just to give it some interest and I really liked the mix of papers I had pulled out from my stash, I thought they all complimented each other well plus they have that vintage feel to them that I love
On this page I used the cards that came with the envelope package and put the two flaps facing in the same way giving this page a gate fold type of look, on the outer facing pages I added a manilla piece of cardstock for journaling
on the inner facing pages I added a photo that I had taken when I was teaching myself composition in photos then on the facing page I used one of my stamps to give some interest, the idea was to go back and add a caption to the photo but clearly I did not, lol
The rest of the pages follow along the same idea, with lots of journaling spots and places to tuck those in at 

So there we have it, although this is a bit plain and definitely a bit old school you can see how just a quick little mini can get your creative juices flowin'. You should give it a go if you have a mind and a bit of time.

Hope you all are having a great day and thanks for stoppin' in.

just B


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