Double Flip Junk

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B here, just poppin' in quick with another old school piece. I think this one dates back to the early 1800'
Actually I have no idea when I made this one sometime ago clearly, I can tell by the paper.
I never know how to feel when I look back at things I made years ago, should I be embarrassed or quietly proud, or something else entirely. This piece I'm thinking more along the line of embarrassing only because this is super loud for me, but I was also trying something completely new for me so then I think maybe a bit quietly proud...humm
Anyways, this piece sold at one of the last craft fairs I attended before COVID hit, the buyer (if I remember correctly) couldn't hardly wait to give it to the recipient because of the crazy colored pattern paper that I used and then all of the other oddities the I filled it up with, so sometimes I guess stepping outside of our comfort zone pays off, literally in this case
So the journal opens with a double flap cover starting left then right, once open the pages actually flip up and down...
very, very unique and completely random unless of course you are familiar with the exploding box book thing, yeah that's kinda the idea I started with, I don't know...sounded good at the time
The pages, well...they're a little different; some are scrapbook paper all from the same line (which I can no longer remember the name of) but then some are not even paper they are plastic but what the hey.
I also added in pockets and transparencies and tags and just whatever else I felt that it needed to have or be or want
I do have to admit that it really was a pretty cool piece as a whole and I would be very curious to see how the recipient has made it their own which I have no doubt has given it even more character and style and personality
I think that in future if I were to do something this sort of crazy again I would go with a vintage look, like a Tim Holtz vibe so that no matter what I added in it or on it wouldn't matter so much because it would all just jive 
As for the up and down pages, that stays, I like it, it's quirky and unexpected so yeah it's a keeper
I think that is all she wrote, or I mean that's all I wrote...well you know what I mean, we're

I hope you enjoyed this ancient piece of mine and I hope that it reminds you of some of your early creative pieces too and that you can go back and draw inspiration from those previous works from your younger self because I think that's just as important as being inspired by others, you can inspire you as well - I believe
Thank you for stoppin' in and I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

just B


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