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Thanks for joining me today - I want to share with all of you a baby forest animal theme album I made several years back with an emphasis on the fox character - he's so cute
This was a custom order and the one who ordered it never ended up paying me for it - as a crafter this is a hard blow because we put our heart and soul into projects and do try very hard to give the customer what they ask for so
needless to say, she never received the album, I was frustrated for a while until I finally decided to put it out at a craft fair. I ended up selling it to a lady who was more than happy to have found it so all is well that ends well. Now I'm at peace to share
But I digress, let's take a look at this big boy (it is quite a hefty book) if I remember correctly it has ten pages counting front and back that's twenty in all plus a booklet in the middle - that's a lot
The way I decided to create this album is with a spiral spine to make turning the pages easier - the kraft paper along with their photo mats is quite thick so the spiral spine will hopefully support the weight of the pages better even after the photos are adhered and should hold up against years of handling
I used a baby forest animal pattern paper that I picked up from Hobby Lobby and it made for some really cute pages, along with the black cardstock filtered throughout - it makes for an eye catching album
I made sure to add in lots of tuck spots for those random pieces that get lost in a box, here they can be tucked in the left hand side pocket for safe keeping 
Another tuck spot - three in fact with the large one having either photo mats for more pictures or journaling - the two smaller pockets have some journaling prompts (bottom pocket) and then a blank journaling tag (top pocket)
Here we have the large photo mat which will hold a 5 x 7 along with a corner tuck. When my girls were little sometimes I'd come across an outfit that I just loved and it had a really cute tag - so this would be a perfect place to tuck in a clothing tag or whatever else you may want to remember years down the road, maybe a receipt even for all the baby's necessities
As you can see the pages pretty much follow along the same line - large photo mat with a spot for tucking in a few mementos or whatever
Large photo mat with a couple of smaller tuck spots complete with some journaling prompts once again, it's nice to have a direction every once in awhile
Again the large photo mat this time with a hidden journaling spot

Two large tuck spots with either another photo mat or a large journaling spot
Here is one exception - hidden behind the ribbon tie down is a little booklet of lined paper for writing down those longer stories

An album this large needed a way to close so I added on a tie closure to secure everything inside 
On the back cover I included another of the little fox guys because why not and then added behind him a little string closure pocket just for the heck of it - one last little spot for a quick little note to baby for when they are older - a little gem for them to find and know how special they are
I'm not going to lie, this album is a beast (seriously it's massive) and I hope Tina has enjoyed filling it up with photos and stories of her grandchildren, even though she didn't order it I believe she was the right person to have it in the end.

Thanks for taking a peek with me and I hope you have a wonderful day!

just B


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