TN Postcards

Hello Hello
I'm back again to share
This delightful gem is a vision of beauty if I do say so myself, full of sweetness and sunshine
The pages are what you might expect to find in a typical junk journal and they have all been tea dyed which is always my preferred method to aging papers, it's forgiving and you can have a subtle look or a very distinct look, this holds both I believe
This TN is also themed - it is a travel theme - I Know Right...whowoodathunkit!
I assure you I am the thinker of this here Travelor's and the bits and pieces are just too sweet to be for real 
I added in lots of bits and bobs because that is what I like but it doesn't take anything away from the overall - in fact it completes it I believe and gives a WOW factor 
I did include a few pieces of pattern paper here and there but each of them all relate to my travel theme for the most part
Lots of tags and tickets and clips and pockets to slip things into, it's rather quite lovely the amount of memories it will hold
A safe place for thoughts and ideas and dreams to realize
They say it's all in the details and this definitely has that
Hope you have enjoyed my lovely little creation and I thank you for taking a peek

Until next time - take care of you and yours

just B


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