Favorite Tales (SOLD)

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Sharing here for the first time in a very long time. I have a TN that I created a few years back (one of my favs) and thought that maybe some of you might enjoy it as well
The cover is done in mixed media techniques but sadly it’s been long enough that I don’t rightly recall all the details. I know that I used a printed tissue (possibly Tim Holtz - well most likely)and then a layer of cheese cloth but I have no idea how I achieved the coloring…I’m fairly certain the chipboard I used is black so if black is showing that’s what didn’t get covered by tissue and cheese (that sounded wrong maybe it’s better as paper and cloth). Anyhow I do know that I used a gold paint for the edges and once it dried I added on the tiny gold beads with gel medium along with the gold charms. I’m not sure the pictures capture that completely but it is stunning really, I especially like the chain dangle.
I also added metal corners to the outside covers for no particular reason other than I wanted to…and it has the ‘required’ elastic band for closure
The TN is created with two signatures, each signature has eight pages I believe giving us a total of what..? 64 pages. Granted not every page can be written on due to the pattern paper I used but that is a small percentage
The papers you ask…well they are an assortment of tea dyed papers that are typically used in junk journals plus a few of the afore mentioned single-sided pattern papers from a scrapbook collection that just so happened to match my cover. These I have distressed with antique linen which is in fact a Tim Holtz product. I also printed a vintage ledger on the back side to give more lined writing 
This TN also has a theme…
and Reading
I’m a fan…of both
So I have taken some liberties with my theme appropriate stamps and filtered them throughout
I have also added pockets and a few tuck spots for those stray pieces of paper, perhaps a quote jotted down that needs stashing
There are also tags and clips and who knows whatever else one may find hidden within
Bits and pieces here and there
Bits and pieces everywhere
Including a spot for a bookmark (a rather short one perhaps but a spot none-the-less)

And a tiny journal 
That also has lined paper
(Some of us lack the ability to write straight **don’t judge**)
But then I also included a ‘jotter’ which is just a fancier word for what could essentially be called a notepad for all of you creatives out there who don’t require lines
And there you have it, that’s all she wrote

Hope you have enjoyed my walk through and I thank you



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