Sewing Junker pt 2

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Welcome back and thanks for joining me for part 2 of the Sewing Junker that I made for a dear lady name Tuesday.
Today I will be sharing some of the 'finishing touches' as I like to call them.
On the inside cover I used a pattern paper from Tim Holtz Memorandum stack followed up with his slotted die...which is just awesome...probably one of my favorites of all time
In the middle of the junker I took a chance on an idea and included it as a fifth signature - I am calling this a junket - basically it is a pocket that closes but that I created with a bit of depth so it will hold one of my jotters
Here is what it looks like opened up and full to the brim with just more junk stuff, now in the pocket I have stashed some extra tags and tickets but it could very well hold maybe a planner stencil or a sheet of stickers or maybe this is for keeping track of monthly household things so it could be full of receipts or grocery lists, I don't know the possibilities are endless.
Here I have the jotter pulled out and I would say it is roughly 1/4 inch thick so that is the depth I made the junket so that it could house it comfortably and not take away from the overall feel of the junker.
Some of you are wondering what the heck a jotter's a notepad but made with tea stained paper and with a way cooler cover. It came to me as I was going through some vintage items that I own, an old reporter's notebook that I came across opens at the top and I want to say that at one point when my great grandma gave it to me that is what she called it.
Also in this junker I created a bookmark of sorts, I came across the idea in two ways: first of all I was watching a Mrs. Cog video and she did these awesome little wooden threaded spools so that is where those came from then second...a few years ago I had created two bookmarks with ribbon, a charm and a small plastic photo key chain thingy that the school does in the I took the ribbon and at one end I added the charm and the other the school photo and then hung them like the old vintage hanging candles on a shelf hook so that's where this idea came from except I have used seam binding and then added the wooden threaded spools to both ends to keep the balance right
For the closure I used a cream colored twill that has a vintage measuring tape printed on it, I love this twill and am trying very hard not to horde the rest of my do apologize that in the photo it is a bit hard to see that printed image but it's cool I assure you 
Here is a top view of the junker I love that I can see all the creamy color tones and the fabric tabs but notice how that junket just snuggles up inside of there like it was meant to be (oh I am so glad I took that leap of faith)...then with the bookmark hanging over the top and off the I may say so myself.
Sometimes as a crafter I forget to look at the whole because I have to focus so much on all of the smaller details but every once in a while I do remember to 'look' and even I am in awe at what I have created...this is one of those times for sure.
Thank you all so much for coming by and checking this out!
I love to craft and to create - it is most definitely what gives my everyday a little extra 'ump' - a little extra meaning and I wouldn't have it any other way, I will encourage everyone of you to find your passion, find your voice and just go -> live it!

just B


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