Sewing Junker pt 1

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Welcome back, today I am here to share thoughts and photos of a custom order that I just finished up for a dear lady. She had come to me a few months back to inquire whether or not I would be interested in creating a sewing journal for response, "yes! absolutely yes I would love to do that for you!" Her birthday is this coming week and I am so happy that I had a small part in making a heart warming gift for her.
Happy Birthday Mrs. Tuesday hope you have a wonderful time filling in all the nooks and crannies of your Junker
So here are the fruits of my labor, a gorgeous junk journal that is full to the brim with lots of goodness. I can't begin to tell you how much I absolutely love making journals, journals of all sorts and sizes but these Junkers...there is just something completely unexpected with them, and it doesn't seem to matter how many I make - they all have their own personality and their own character that is utterly unique to them, it's a bit uncanny.
 This particular guy is no exception - right from the start he beat to his own drum and declared independence. Tuesday wanted me to create a sewing journal for her, deciding she liked the hardback Junker best I started with that construction and went from there. I included an assortment of tea dyed papers and even a few vintage papers as well. 

I love the array of papers - from the ledger lines to the stamped deli page, the plain pages next to the notebook paper and then finally the music paper (my favorite), they make an interesting combination.
I did add in a few bits and pieces of inspiration - it adds texture and interest plus they are just fun. In the photo above I folded down the corner - attached a safety pin - then added a strung jewelry tag with a random fun!
 Here in this photo above you can just see the back of a silver snap and below in that pic you can see what it is I snapped on...pretty swanky if you ask me! 

A few other pieces I added in are below, the first one is referred to as a 'belly band' and it works essentially the same as a tuck spot just looks different. This one is really different because I used one of our used tea bags, rinsed it out well, let it air dry, stamped it with a Tim Holtz stamp, then stitched it onto the page along both sides.
 Next we have a double corner pocket, I used a library pocket and then left the back of it open as well.
 Here I included a coin envelope just clipped onto the side of the page, I did add a bit to the outside of it using die cuts.
 And of course I made it functional...why not? inside there are little paper stubs with the first six months of the year on each plus another coin envelope with the last six months so - if Tuesday would like to document monthly then these stubs will certainly help.
 This last little surprise is one that I recently stumbled upon and I really, really like it. It is a corner tuck spot but I've also made it into a hidden journal spot
 (or maybe not so hidden now...opps)
So that's it for the beginning of the this junker - there is a part 2 so make sure to check that out if you'd like to see how I've finished this bad boy off. He is well worth the effort if I do say so myself.
Until the next time though I thank you for stopping in and spending a bit of time with me - I do hope you are having a lovely life and enjoying it as well as your attitude will allow - it's the only one we have so make the most of it and just be...HAPPY!

just B


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