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How is everyone? Wonderful I hope and if you're in my neck of the world, enjoying the Autumn weather I hope. This past weekend was absolutely beautiful outside, low 70's with sunshine and a light breeze...perfect in my opinion.
So I'm thinking that since it seems I have absolutely no time to myself these days that I would let you in on what's really going on around here. 

outside my is dark, the season has come upon us where the days are getting shorter and the sun sinks lower earlier and earlier

i am thinking...about everything that has to get done and everything that I want to get done and hardly ever do these two list collide so then I will have to decide what is actually more responsibilities or my sanity... Hum?

i am thankful for...the peace and quiet, sometimes I just crave silence. Hot tea too. I am also greatly enjoying the changing colors, Autumn is one of my most favorite seasons because of all the colors and seeing them just makes me happy

from the kitchen...a fore mentioned 'hot tea' from my still-new-to-me Keurig, store bought mini Fall cupcakes that are pretty tasty, and later this week it'll be time to can FIL brought me 20+ lbs. of tomatoes this past weekend, thankfully they are green enough to last for several more days until I have time to make it and then can it all...but in the end...all good stuff  

i am wearing...gray...I am not sure what it is about the color gray but it has been one of my favorites for many, many years. I have always been a lover of a good thunderstorm and so maybe I subconsciously relate the two...?

i am creating...well I am currently working on some Christmas card ideas but we'll see if they actually come to pass. And this weekend, after canning salsa-if there's time left, I will be starting on the foundation pages for my 'December Daily'. This is a project that I do every other year for the simple fact that it is exhausting to me. I always love going back through them several years later but to do this every year seems crazy to me. Of course on the opposite year of doing this project I do 'A Week in the Life' which I suppose is just as daunting but doesn't seem near as time consuming.  

i am be running around like a mad woman this weekend; between canning salsa and carving pumpkins and running errands and cleaning the house and getting foundation pages's gonna be nuts...I need another day added to my weekend I

i am reading...two books currently: 
The From-Aways by C J Hauser
I like that it's written from the perspective of two outsiders who have claimed this small town as their own and are trying to preserve their way life they've heard about in stories and songs, while fighting against some of their own families who actually are considered 'locals' 
The Life of Pi by Yann Martel
I just started this one over the weekend and I am already hooked, it is intriguing and thought provoking. I am absolutely in awe at how Yann describes the animals that Pi grows up with and the detail in which he describes certain aspects, it's...almost unnerving how well he can write you into the surroundings and such. I am excited to finish this one for sure

i am hearing...nothing as much but just moments ago my husband called to let me know that he is on his way home. He refs high school soccer and had two district games tonight about an hour and a half away from our home and since he knows how well I worry he was just touching base...deep breath... exhale...sigh...I love this man, one day I hope to be as thoughtful as he is.

around the house...oh my goodness don't look too close if you come is filthy...but I promise cleaning is on my 'to do' list for this weekend and as bad as it is there is no way that I won't do it, that's just how I am. In fact I will probably clean before I ever even start my salsa...
But as for what's in my immediate line of vision...well I have school papers stacked up behind me on the floor in two little tidy piles, I have my 'everything' bag sitting at my feet which holds my planner and my book and my notebooks and my Origami Owl catalog that I am so gonna order out of this next month so I can call it my birthday, behind me and off to my left is the trash can with the trash waiting patiently to be taken out either tonight or most likely in the morning as we head to the bus stop, and then last but not least is my porcelain doll that my grandma bought for me when I was 8 or 9 I think - sitting in her little wooden high chair here in the kitchen with me    

one of my favorite things...sleep 
I have found that working 40+ hours a week is exhausting (recently I changed careers and went from 30 hours a week as a part-time employee to full time working 40+ a week) so anytime I can get quality shuteye...seems almost a luxury/lazy, there is always so much to do and so many places to go and people to see and on and on and did it get to this??? Whoever thought of working 40 hours a week? Maybe they should be shot...just an idea...not joking
My other favorite thing when the first one doesn't pan out is: COFFEE

a few plans for the rest of the week...hum...I think we covered this but in case I missed it:
*clean house
*make and can salsa
*carve pumpkins
*run errands
*start foundation pages for my December Daily Album
*...make more COFFEE

a photo to share...from my lunch break today...yes I drive over to our local cemetery to sit while I eat my lunch...I do this often...I find this place to be relaxing and the most quiet being close to town...remember I said that I sometimes crave the silence... you go...I like that my mind has time to breathe, whether it be to read my book of choice or listen to the rustling of the leaves or close my eyes for a bit or even listen to music quietly...this seems to be enough for me to enjoy the rest of my day
So there it is, this is what's been going on in a nutshell, trying to get use to the new job with the additional hours, figuring out a new routine that works for all of us, eventually getting back to square one so that I can start from scratch and maybe actually do some meal-planning again (that would be nice) and then when all that is said and done, hopefully have a little bit of time left over for me.
Hope you all are doing lovely and enjoying your own time in the ways that matter to you, I thank you for checking in and hope to be getting some projects rephotographed soon so that I can share those with you.
Thanks again!

just B 


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