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Here I am, I have finally found my way out of my book and back to reality. Today I thought that I would share with you this mixed media piece that I made for my oldest daughter. 
I started with white card stock and using a couple of background stamps, stamped them with teal and purple ink then using my spray mists in matching colors I sprayed them until they were covered. Setting them aside to dry I then made their cover.
For the cover I used black card stock and sprayed it with the same mists that I used on my white card stock, then I set to make the flowers. Going once again to my white card stock, I stamped several sizes of flowers out, then finding the matching die, I cut them all out. Once they were all in front of me I used a metallic paint to match my spray colors and painted all of my paper flowers.
As my flowers set to dry I went back to my original paper that I did my collage work on and using a die, cut them out to make coin envelopes. Once I had them all cut I folded them up and adhered them closed accordingly. Then I proceeded to attach them together along the short bottom end of each, making what essentially looks like an expanding file folder, but coin sized...fancy 'eh? 
Now that all my pieces were together, it was time to assemble the whole piece, so using red line double sided tape, I adhered just the short bottom end to the inside of my black cover. Now this is important that you only adhere the bottom edge, because if you adhere the sides any further, then your booklet won't have any 'give' and therefore make it really frustrating to get anything in or out of the pockets.
Now that I had the expanding pocket file finished, I needed to make some tags for the journaling. So once again using white card stock and some of my other acrylic stamps, I set out to make another collage piece, spraying it with the same spray mists so that all the pieces would have a uniform look. Going with a light pink card stock, I decided to use a different die to hold the actual journal lines, once they were cut I added them to the tags. 
Once all the tags were done I decided I ought to add some kind of closure to the booklet, just in case my daughter decided to keep a photo or souvenir in one of the pockets so finding the simplest solution (keeping in mind this is for my nine year old) I used a Velcro dot and at first this was the perfect closure...
this happened
I added all these colorful fibers to each tag because well they are awesome and they totally look awesome on the tags because they match so well...and...um....now my Velcro dot won't work, it just keeps pulling off the black cover.


Now eventually I know I will come up with a more reliable solution but for now, it just remains unclosed
does this bother me?...
why yes it does...
I'm dealing with it and moving on (lol) and as I said I will figure it out sooner or later.
So there you have it my mixed media expanding file booklet.
Hope you like...if you have any questions...fire away...I'm ready
Thanks and have a fabulous day!
just B


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