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I'm here again with another one of my art journal pages, can't remember now which order this one fell in but it is probably my most self expressive. It's no doubt that each of us has multiple layers that make up the whole of us and quite honestly I think that if mine had to be interpreted through art, this is how they would look.
Some soft and sweet, some chaotic and in complete disarray. There are bits and pieces here and there, where as others are just a tangled mess with no sense of order what-so-ever. Then finally there are the oh so few random sparks, these are the layers that I want to capture and compose for I believe these are the pieces that make us unique and allow our inner spirit to shine.
The way this piece even came together is somewhat ironic, I was sitting at my scrap table debating on whether or not to clean it up or forget the whole craft session. I decided to attempt to clean up, hoping that would help get my creative mind to engage and in the process found several waste pieces and odd die cuts laying about so I thought to myself, " could probably just use these instead of trashing them." and viola a page was created.
Now obviously once I got started I went full circle: I got out my paints, my washi tape, some crochet trim, I did some stitching along the sides, even used textured paste with some stencils and ultimately well...created an even bigger mess, that I eventually had to clean up anyway, but boy was it an eye opener and therapeutic actually.  I have held on to scraps for years thinking that they would serve some purpose later and then several months go by and I end up tossing them but now...all I can say is ...WOW!
Although I don't craft near as much as I use to, probably not even half as much as I did a couple of years ago, I still enjoy the process of getting my hands dirty, my fingers inky and sticky with glue because that's when my mind starts racing. I love it when a new idea takes hold and won't let up until I give it a go. That's the moment of magic and it's exciting and exhilarating yet daunting because you never have a guarantee that it will turn out the way your mind's eye sees it.
But you know what?
That's okay...sometimes you just gotta do it anyway...and trust the your gut...close your eyes and see it...look at it from every angle...concentrate on it in your mind...then...just give it a GO!
thanks for peeking
just B


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