Love Monsters

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I've just got a quickie for you today, a little some 'em some 'em that my youngest daughter and I made in February for Valentine's.
All in good fun!!!
I think secretly she wanted me to share this with you or maybe that was just me but honestly she was proud of her little 'love monsters' that she made for her dad and boy was he scared.
I got the idea from Pinterest - not monsters mind you but other toilet paper roll ideas, so that's where this cute couple came from.
As you can see my daughter was super proud, taking photos of her masterpieces just like mommy does of her
We painted our tubes first then added tissue paper hair that I cut using Martha Stewart's fringe scissors this here then added on the googly eyes and the wrap around belt and finished it off with a hand drawn mouth by yours truly. 
For this little monster we traded out the belt for a
Quite cute if I do say so myself. You really ought to try this idea it is so easy and who doesn't have access to some TP rolls?
Thanks and have a monster of a day!
just B


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