A HAPPY Snowman

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I'm back and have a little some'em some'em for you today. During the holiday season I found a
tutorial on Pinterest well several actually on how to make sock snowmen and fell head-over-heels for it so I tried a few of my own versions.
This one here was my first attempt and although the others that I made and then gave as gifts turned out super cute this one is probably still my favorite.
At the time I started making this cutie I didn't have any extra socks, so I created a muslin tube sewing the bottom end shut and then filled it with rice and then tied off the top with a rubber band. To create the rest of her outfit -lace shirt, hat, and scarf- I used some left over fabric that I seem to collect randomly.
To separate her three body parts I first used two of those clear hair rubber bands then once I got her shirt in place I over lapped the bands with two pieces of jute string and tied each one into a bow. For the buttons on her shirt I just used a couple of gold sequins that I had had out on my craft table at the time and adhered them with a glue dot for the time being. Her nose is a toothpick that I stuck down inside of the muslin tube and just barely pushed out, I didn't secure it in this snowman but I would recommend it if you adventure this, and then finally for her eyes I sewed on two black buttons. To doll her up a bit more I added an ivory trim around her hat and then topped it off with a couple of holly berries and red tinsel.
All in all I love her, she is elegant yet fun! 
I haven't named her yet but I have no doubt in the years to come she will certainly help us celebrate our holiday season.
I think in total I made 6 more of these 'sock snowmen' but I did those in sets and actually used socks for them. I paired them off as couples so the set had one guy and one girl. They actually did look super cute but unfortunately because of time restraints I didn't get any photos so if I get a chance next time I see them, being as they all have found good homes within our family, I'll try to snap a few pictures and do a follow-up post.
So there you have it, my version of the 'sock snowman' and I sure hope you like her, if you have any questions please feel free to comment me and thanks for takin' a peek! Hope you all have a great rest of the week and keep safe!
just B


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