Starbucks in my Cup

Hello Hello
How is ya? Me...I'm good - bit nervous for my weekend coming up but hopefully all goes well.
Here's today's layout that I wanted to share with you. Obviously documenting my love of coffee and that includes Starbucks. I decided a couple of years ago that if it means I get a moment of quite time (usually I have my iPod with me) without any interruptions so that I can enjoy my freakin' cup of coffee then I'm okay with paying 5 or 6 bucks for that cup-o-joe. So that's what this layout represents, is me taking the time to find my own voice again. 
I used a tab card to hide my journaling and even though my journaling isn't done, I know in my head what really matters to me enough to convey that when the time comes to write it out. I used several die cuts but only to add some interest, they really don't have any meaning other than that. The 'think' card is for me for when I do get the opportunity to sit for a spell, I like to ponder all the possibilities: things that I could make, books that I want to read, words that I may want to write (I use to write all the time but since having kids I find writing to be very difficult).
The stencil I used kinda helps me to focus a bit more on what I want to accomplish in my life, goals that I've set and conquered and ones that have yet been defeated. I am a very self-reflective type, always re-evaluating emotions, beliefs, the path I'm on. I've been taking an on line course that is teaching me some solid practices to living a whole hearted life and that is something that I strive for constantly. So this is really about all of that and more.
I find it ironic now as I'm typing this that one photo, one simple picture on a fairly simple layout can invoke such a deeper desire within me to look at life, really look at life from a truly unique perspective. And yes even though there are many many people out there who are on the same path as you and or me, we are still completely unique in our understanding and interpretation of it. Amazing!
Okay so there you have it, a way deeper insight to my layout that I just today in typing this up realized was happening in an under current. The power of our intellect still intrigues me and the fact that we have a means of capturing even just a smidgen of it in a creative way is dumbfounding. Here's to creative endeavors! 
Don't forget tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day - in celebration of our unity and our individuality lets get our craft on!
just B


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