Flipped Out Folio

Hello Hello
How is everyone on this fine day?
We're doing A-okay here so I can't complain...not that I would.
I'm only >>here<< to have FUN!!!
So speaking of which...what do I have for you today you ask?

This is a flip out folio, complete with a mini book for your thoughts, a dry erase spot for a quick jot of a quote or what not, and then lots of room for all the details that you want to remember.
To create this folio I started with 5 pieces of chipboard cut to size (5x7) to be my panels. Then I also cut 4 extra pieces of chipboard stair-stepping by an eighth of an inch width but each having the same length to use for each of my spine pieces.
The reason for stair-stepping the spine pieces is because when I fold the whole piece up, I want each panel to lay flat on top of the other panels...hopefully that makes since. After I had all my chipboard pieces cut to size I covered the outsides of them with different pattern papers, keeping in mind that all of these patterns have to 'go-together' in the end.

As for covering the inside panels, I did it a section at a time and used a solid color card stock so that the whole piece would not get too busy, then I just started layering over the top of that per panel.
When you open the first flap to the left, I adhered a card that can be tied shut, consider this a name card or title card-whichever you prefer. On the opposite panel that sits to the right, that is apart of the front cover that you see so I kept it fairly simple.
From this point on all the panels flip out to the right. The next panel you see is 'technically' the bottom of the folio and so on this panel is where I adhered a waterfall journal. (I apologize for the blurry photo) I made the front page of this journal a calendar for quick reference. On the opposite panel I added a black toole material to act as a 'sort-of' pocket but to no avail...
***note to self***
In the future I will have to use a different material for this.
Flipping out the right side panel once more you will come to an envelope pocket/paper pad. Not really sure how to explain this one, but if you'll notice in the photo above, the center panel is the one that I'm describing. There is a top 'flap' pocket which opens to the left to reveal the note pad that I made with vellum, then underneath the note pad is another pocket to hide secret notes in. 
On the opposite panel is a dry erase spot to jot down something super quick until you can add it in for good later.
The last panel flips out to the right once again. On the main panel is where I included a mini book full of blank pages for journaling or quotes or song lyrics or just whatever you want to remember. 
On the opposite panel - the final panel - I added a double library pocket with several tags already in them. Again another great way to keep all your favorite things together in one place.
 The collection line that I used through out the inside of this folio is one of Teresa Collins' lines called Everyday Moments (unfortunately it's discontinued) it has a soft, yet bold flare to it and is probably one of my favorites because of it's color line...deep navy blue and sunshine yellow (which you can't really see in any of these photos)...beautiful!
Thanks for checkin' this out and if you have any questions please let me know. As always, keep calm and scrap on!
just B


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