A Wicked File Folder Mini Album

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Welcome, Hope all of you out there in the world had a great week/weekend. Just wanted to jump in here real quick and give you a heads up on my latest Halloween Mini Album. This one was made using file folders (recycled) that I picked up at Staples a little while back.

The paper collection I used was My Mind's Eye Wicked Merchant Malvado. The main colors throughout were of course black, orange, kraft, and then a little bit of green. It had a very good assortment of patterns and prints, the labels print is probably my favorite.

I created the book's pages by folding up my file folder. I knew I wanted it to have pockets so I tried a couple of different ways of folding it until I came up with something that worked for me. What I ended up going with is probably going to be something I do again in the near future. I really liked the final outcome of this book.

I liked that the pages not only ended up with lots of pockets but it also had a couple of flip outs, which added in space value.

I also really liked working with the kraft color along with the files themselves because together they have such a personality, and it pretty much goes with everything making it super simple.

Now being that I bound the book only 'halfway' so that my pages would work properly, I had to be confident that the binding would hold, so I used the hidden hinge system and then backed it with tyvek (which is a paper/fabric type of material) that I found in the shipping supplies at Staples. I believe it will do the job, but on the other side of the spine I needed a way to close that because once I get all my photos and extras in, it's gonna get...fat...so I added a ribbon in while I put the spine on so that I could tie the book shut if need be.

I really do like this one, I think that this mini has a lot of potential and I am going to maybe try doing something for Christmas with it.
Alright that's all I had for today, thanks for checking in. If you'd like to see more of the mini, check out the video!


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