Wedding Days are Here Again

Good Morning Everyone just wanted to share a quick album I did for a very good friend of mine who tied the knot this past weekend.  In honor of this special day I made her & her husband my Wedding Memory Album that I have almost perfected.
Now in keeping with the idea that these Wedding Albums are each unique and I promise they certainly are, I have made a total of 6 so far.  I will say that even though they are all constructed the same way - the papers, the pages, the charms, and the trims are all special to their own.  Also (as with anything) over time I have dared to get more room into them so they can hold more stuff which resulted in the latest ones having pocket pages included in them. 
So there you have it a quick simple album to throw all that paper ephemera into, along with quotes or thoughts or just whatever you want to include in it and the cool thing's all in one place.
That's all I have for today thanks for stopping in and taking a peek and until next time....
just B

p.s. Mark and Anita congrats again...much love! 


Anita Becker said…
Thanks Bethany!! I already have items set aside to put in the book and things I can't wait to write on the pages you've added for that stuff too! Great idea, great book and beautifully done!!! Love you!

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