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 Good Morning All!
For today I thought that I would take you all back in time and take a trip down memory lane.  This is a mini I made years ago @ Archivers, they had a make & take over the weekend and this is what I chose to make.  I had forgotten about it until about a year ago when I was visiting my mom, I noticed it sitting on her book case and immediately was taken back to that moment, that is the extra bonus that I love about this hobby.  
 I forgot how simple this little mini is, in fact this would be a perfect Christmas mini that would be doable several times over for in-laws, grandparents, aunts & uncles, etc. - in fact I might have to put that idea down on paper for this year's Christmas gifts.
So what makes this project so easy you ask?  Well the fact that the pages are done with plastic badge holders that you can pick up at any office supply store, which also already has your holes punched and will make the binding easy breezy, just line it up on the front of your chip board  covers and punch them out with your crop-a-dile.
For the inside of the pages, a photo on one side and a journaling spot on the flip side, how easy is that?  The tabs were added on afterwards on the outside of the plastic, and punched out using the McGill tab punch.  Some stamped words in black give just a bit of added interest and viola ....a mini!
Now for sure you could absolutely add a pattern paper in there and stamp your journaling spot on top of it if you like, or you could just measure the space and go get preprinted journaling spots, that's the nice thing about it, it is totally up to you.
As you can see for this one I did my own journaling spot stamped on top of cardstock, I chose to use a black ink throughout the whole of the mini just to keep it cohesive.  The photos I cropped to be more of a close-up shot only because I thought for me that just worked better, those were the moments that I wanted to remember, like above where my daughter was picking up rocks @ the park instead of playing.
As for the covers, anything goes.  I used a pattern paper, but you could just as easily paint them or distress them however you like or do it based on the type of mini it is going to be or maybe depending on who the mini is for...that would be an idea and a great way to personalize the project even further.
So just try one, cut yourself a couple of chipboard covers, grab a couple of badge holders and get!

Thanks for stoppin' in and I hope you have a great day.  In my next post I will be sharing some layouts that I have done for my design team, hope you'll stop in again and take a peek.

just B


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