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Good Morning everybody, just wanted to do a quick post here of a mini I made for a friend of mine who recently had twins.  The concept for the book came when we all found out that they were expecting two, I wanted to find a way for them to track each twin side by side each month for the first year, so this is what became of that idea.
Throughout the book I used the 'Fly a Kite' paper line from October Afternoon, it made a wonderful nursery themed alternate because I didn't want it to be completely 'baby' in the sense of pink & blue pastels with baby bottles & rubber duckies, that just didn't seem to fit either parent and this is a book for them, so I wanted it to represent them in a more genuine way.
I love the front cover with the KC on it because not only do the twins live in Kansas City, their names are  Kayla & Colby.  Going one step further, I just happened to have a couple of ribbons, one that says 'baby girl' and the other that says 'baby boy', how fitting is that? and they matched the papers to boot....lucky!

The album ended up being kinda thick but I think that since I did a 'gate fold' (where it opens in the middle) with the dual binding, it'll be able to withstand a bit more wear & tear.

Inside of the album I did a couple of things; first I decided that I would split up the two sides, the left side being Kayla's and the right being Colby's, their are a few exceptions where the journaling prompts apply to both twins the same (ie: they both have the same 1st home & the same 1st vehicle) so in those cases it's a double spread, no need to be redundant.
  The second thing I did was add photo protectors on each side for each month so that they could compare the twins side by side to see how each was growing and changing or for that matter to see how much they remain the same.

As for the journaling prompts, each month has a different idea to document.  And on the back side of the photo sleeves I gave them some ideas of other photos to take to help tell the story.
The first page is 'our day of arrival', even though they were c-section babies I figure it is still important for them to have the story of their journey into this world told.

On these two pages I have put a mini envelop for each twin to have a lock of their hair placed in it (an older tradition I think but one still worth doing)
Another page has a place for their older brother to put his story, his name and how he got it, his birthday, and what his first impressions of his two new tiny sibblings is.  A couple of other pages have a place for mom & dad each to tell their story, their name and how they got it, their birthday, etc.  Another page has another oldie but goodie which is best song, and artist, and album.  Another page has a place to put each twins medical stats from their bi-monthly doctor's appointments.  Another page has a place to document what each twin likes: be it a certain toy, or song, or game, etc.  I suppose it is very similar to a typical baby album, but with a whole lot less stress
On the very last page I left it open for mom & dad to jot down tidbits that maybe I didn't think to add or things that they think might be worth remembering.  And I also included a page sized envelop to add the little things like the hospital bracelets or the little tag that the hospital puts on the side of the crib to let everyone know who that little someone is.  I think these are all things worth documenting and remembering, if not for us, at least for the next generation.

Well that's all she wrote, hope you like my first 'baby' album.  Feel free to leave me a comment and in the meantime I will try to get some more things done.  Hope you are having a great weekend...thanks!
just B


Sylvia said…
Your friends are so lucky to have someone make such a wonderful album for their children. I loved it.
xEx said…
My friend would love something like this but I havent never done anything like this EVER where do I start???
Just B said…
xEx, Hey thanks for taking a look at what I've done I appreciate your time. As for you never having done anything like this before my suggestion to you would be to use a mini book kit. There are 2 reasons why I suggests this: easier on you & your pocket book and doesn't require you to purchase a ton of extras (the basics are always good to have on hand). Now as for what consists of basics, that depends on how you create but to be practical I'll share what CK thinks as basic tools for the trade:
Now keep in mind that your home computer/printer is always a great tool to use the journaling prompts that I added into the Twin Mini, I did those on my desktop - typed them in a word doc, printed them out and then cut them down to the right size.
Where to go to find mini book kits you ask? Go to and type- mini book kits -into the search bar you will have a lots of options to choose from.
I hope this helps, please if you would like further help, I'd be email is:
Just B said…
Sylvia, thanks for your comment I do love that you like what I do and as you suggest, I really do hope that my friends like what I do too. Have a great day!

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