A New Mini Wedding Album

Good Morning World!
Today, just real quick I'd like to share with you a wedding album I made a few weeks back for my step-sister. First is the card I made {yes to match the album}, I think it is quite elegant and subtle. I love the Fiskars border punch that I used for the edge of the card, I think that is what gives it it's defining touch.
Here I have a closer shot of the front of the album's detail. I am really enjoying the prima flowers, not only are they beautiful and available in all sorts of colors, they are sturdy enough to dye them whatever color you like; unfortunately the photo doesn't show it, but I sprayed them with some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist to give them a shine and it turned out wonderful.

On the inside of the cover I used this over-sized beaded sticker and it is gorgeous. I'm not usually a girly girl, but I saw that @ Archivers and had to get it for this album, and please forgive me because I am not remembering who made it, but I will try to find out and post it later.

On the front cover I also added a strip of lace down the side closest to the spine, and there was no particular reasoning for this just that I like it and thought that it would be a nice addition. I actually machine stitched the lace onto the paper before I ever made the cover, thinking that the thread would hold up longer over time than tape, I did @ least plan a little bit ahead of time for this one : )

Last but I'm sure not least I added a couple of heart charms along the side of the spine, along with an extra long tassel, once again...no reason other than I like it. Anytime I make something like this I ask myself what would I want it to look like and is it too much?...maybe for some, but I tend to be a minimalist when it comes to things that are typically for display, for the simple fact that I would like people to feel comfortable putting them 'on display'.

The final result, a beautiful wedding album that Ross & Candyss can use for years to come. When I gifted this I did give them an idea on how to use it, because it really isn't for photos. The idea of this album, which has 12 blank pages in it, is to document their life together. Now they could choose to do a page a year and have the first 12 years documented or they could document just their first year as a married couple, or they could just add bit & pieces here and there and not worry about a time frame. All this is meant to be is a tool to help them tell their story, and being that their story together has just started, what a great place for them to jot down those wonderful little moments, those memories, those tiny slices of heaven that come every so often to remind us that.......yes.......we are loved.
Hope you enjoyed my moment here, sharing this with you and I hope that you all have a wonderful day! Thanks!
p.s. feel free to leave me a comment anytime for whatever reason. I think I have finally got all the settings right so you should be able to anonymously if you do not have a Blogger account : )


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