Another Mini...Really?

Good Morning Everyone
Hope all of you are off to a great start this week. I just wanted to share a project with you that came to me sometime around 'Earth Day', I know I know, what's the hold up? Well truth be told, time is my biggest factor still and energy; but I have finally come up with an idea that I think will be a keeper.
First of all I have to say that I have been really excited for this pattern paper to hit the market, it is probably one of my top 5 favorites and until about a week ago I hadn't even seen it. I first heard about Basic Grey's 'Basics' line from a podcast that I listen to regularly {paperclipping roundtable} and knew that I had to have it. It is all ledger paper, graphs, grids, etc. and it seems to me the more 'officey' it is the more I am drawn to it so this line is like, a one-stop shop for me, and I couldn't be happier with it - it's awesome!
That being said I had to come up with something to use it on, so I looked around my scrap room and found the back of the packaging from a Jenni Bowlin product I had bought. I remembered that I kept it because of it's shape, I love that 'parenthesis' thingy, it's just cool & cute all at once.
I decided since I had two of them that they would make great covers for a mini album {yes another mini album - what can I say they are my favorite} so I covered the inside of both covers with papers from my new line and then used a different paper line that matched, to cover the outsides of the covers. Once I put them together using book rings I realized that the charcoal paper on the outside was a bit darker than what I was going for, so I lightened it up by adding yet another pattern over the top about half way down, then used ribbon to create a break between the two papers.
Once I had the covers done I needed a way to close the book, so I rifled through my box of 'Tim Holtz' trinkets and came up with a hitch, grabbed a '7 gypsies' 6" elastics to slip through the back cover and hold it together by way of the hitch on the front cover. I had another thought to re-enforce the holes that the book rings use but decided that the chipboard really didn't need them, so other than getting some pages in it, it is pretty much complete. I think that I will use 'Bazzill Basics' Vanilla Creme for the inside pages, it has a unique texture that's new to me and that specific color matches all of the pattern paper the best; aside from that it's also just a great cardstock for any scrapbook project, neutral but not boring.
The final result - one darn cool & cute recycled mini album!
As I look @ it closer, I think that this will have to be the first mini for Justice. This album, because of the color scheme I used, has an 'autumn' flair to it and being that she was born in November, I think it's only fitting that it belong to her. I counted up the other night, Liberty has 6 minis devoted entirely to her {not including her 3 birthday books} so it's high time that Justice gets a mini devoted entirely to her too. Now whether or not she'll end up with just as many, remains to be seen - most likely not since she is younger - but then again she is my baby.........
and the last one........
so who knows.....

Well I hope that you like what you see, and if you are ever interested in having an album done or want something totally unique for a gift, please contact me @ my e-mail address posted in the left-hand column at the top of the page. I would be happy to talk with you - Thanks!
Just B.... green!
p.s. here are some links to things I mentioned today, take a look if you are @ all inspired to do so


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