Christmas Mini {circa 09'}

I am sure by now most of you have figured out that I love doing mini albums, they are my favorite kind of album. They are really fun and really fast, and with this kind of album I can just be free to do whatever comes to mind. I can be artsy or simple, I can mix it up or use a premade kit, and any way I go - it's okay!

With this album I took my time and really thought about how I wanted it to look, and once I got a good mental image I went to work. This one is most certainly a mix of different elements.

As you can see I have a couple different sizes of papers, some are pockets, some are envelops, one page is felt. I like interactive pages in my mini books, I think it sends the message: "look at me" which is the whole reason for making them. I want my family & friends to pick them up and look at them, really see what's going on thru out the pages.

I did try to leave some room for small photos if they so desire to add them in later, but journaling would also be fitting for this mini as well.
The whole idea of this mini is to high light the moments thru out this particular season that may have set it apart from other holiday season's. For us it would be that we had a new addition to our family and that we couldn't get to all of our Christmas decorations due to some remodeling going on and that's how we ended up with a very small, very pink Christmas tree in our dining room {seriously - I'm not kidding}.
Your stories and memories are sure to be completely different - probably very funny too, even the not-so-funny ones {might take a couple of years to feel that way}, but they are so worth remembering and documenting; so even if you don't 'scrap' it, at the very least try to get it down on paper so those stories don't get lost in translation or worse yet, get lost all together.
Well finally we are at the end, this is all that I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed the mini, I will try to have something more soon, but these days I have little time to sit and scrap, so no promises.
Until next time, thanks and enjoy life!


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