More Success With Photoshop

Recently I've been playing around in the digital realm again, it makes for a nice change of pace. The layout above is my second attempt with Photoshop Elements, and so far I am liking it a lot. Eventually I would still like to do more with Photoshop, but this is a good start for me.
I'm thinking that maybe I will be doing a lot of our older vacations in digital; for one - it is a whole lot faster and two - being that the time is already spent, it's harder to get back the 'feeling' of those particular trips. I do believe I took a journal on each of them, but that still only gives a little bit of insight: things that you did, places you went, things that you saw, not quite the same as if the trip were just a few months ago. In a sense, you lose the 'high' from actually being there - so I'm thinking for those few trips, digital might be the better way to go.

The reason I say this is because I have several trips still to document: a trip to South Carolina w/my brother & his wife; Bill & I's trip to the Oregon Coast when we got married; our trip to Chicago w/a group of friends from work; then finally our trip to San Diego last November also with friends from work. My thought is to do the first two trips in digital (even though I have a couple of pages done of each that are traditional), then to do the last two maybe as a hybrid scrapbook (combining both traditional & digital). That would be a good alternative to doing all of them traditional and give a good overall flow to my albums, plus it would make for a much more manageable project, as it could be 'huge' otherwise.
Well this is all for today, hope everyone is having a good week and I hope you'll stop back in soon!
just B


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