Many of you may be wondering, "where in the world is that girl hiding?" Well that is just it, I've been hiding in the pages of "Twilight", a novel by Stephenie Meyer, I am totally addicted. I am on the 4th book, "Breaking Dawn" and literally I have had to force myself to slow down since this is the last one for awhile; the first 3 books I read in about 2 weeks, which is so not me. And then on Saturday since I was single for an evening (Bill took Liberty to his sister's for the weekend) I decided that I would probably be upset with myself if I didn't see the movie on the big screen, so I went and saw the movie (can't believe it's still in the theater...lucky for me). Let's see, I believe that will one will be added to my DVD collection the day it comes out...definitely. I absolutely loved seeing these characters that I've been reading about now for 2 1/2 weeks come to life, and with a completely different appearance than I had in my own mind, but yet somehow the same. Completely took me by surprise this one; I had heard about "Twilight" in November of last year when it first opened up in the theater, then I started reading bits & pieces about it on some of the blogs that I follow & then started hearing about the book series from co-workers; to be honest I had absolutely no interest in reading any book really and certainly not one that was geared towards teenagers and based on vampires, but I am so glad I caved and picked up the 1st book, it has been a wonderful ride reading about these fascinating characters. Stephenie has out done herself and I can not wait to read some more of her "talent", she has a gift and I hope she continues to share it with all of us, even better if she continues the "Twilight" saga.

So now you have my excuse for being totally non-existent this last month, hopefully once I get finished with the book I will get some other things done to share with you. Surprise, surprise I have almost completed my December Daily album (yeah, yeah, I know it's about 2 months late, but better that than never I s'pose) and I did manage to get a Valentines mini in there also. I will attempt to get pictures taken and posted soon!
Until then, if you have an open mind and enjoy reading - then by all means read the "Twilight" saga series, it is story telling at it's finest (in my opinion of course)

Thanks and just B.....intrigued


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