Photoshop Success

Hello Everyone
Guess what I finally did? I have created my very first 'All Digital' Layout, even printed it at home, and I can not begin to tell you how stoked I am. A bit frustrating starting out but I managed to follow along with this wonderful video tutorial found on 'Two Peas' website, the instructor's name is Sande Kreiger; the link to the site is below:

Here is the story:
I have had Photoshop Elements 6 now for over 6 months and although it is great for organizing and sorting a ton of photos, I specifically bought it so that I could do some digital scrapbooking. When I purchased the software, I immediately went to Borders and found a book that was hopefully going to teach me how to use the program. It started out well, got all my photos tagged and labeled, even learned an easier way to e-mail photos to family & friends, but the rest well...... let me just tell you now - in order to learn from a book-it helps to read all of it! Needless to say, I didn't read the whole book nor I am one to learn from a book, I am a hands-on-girl (which is why I love traditional scrapbooking) and I am from the show-me-state so... show me how to do it and I will eventually get it.
When I was surfin' last week I stumbled across these free classes that just so happened to be using PE6. Talk about excited, finally someone was going to tell me the secret to using Photoshop and help me get started. I watched the first two lessons about 3 times each, then I bought some digital elements and downloaded some free digital stuff. It's all totally cool! Although I wasn't completely convinced that I could make it work, I stuck with it and I will tell you honestly, I loved it! I started this layout @ 8pm on Friday night (after watching 'Ghost Whisperer" one of my favs) and had my printed copy in my hands @ 11pm. Never would I have dreamed it was so simple, well maybe I thought it would be and that's why I so wanted to try it. Anyways, I absolutely loved experimenting with it and trying something new. I will most definitely be doing some more 'digital' stuff, however I will never give up the traditional way (the process of working with my hands is my therapy), this is just an added bonus and will hopefully provide me with that much more scrapbooking potential.

Digital Supply List:
Software: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6; Digital Paper: Antiquities - Sande Krieger; Small Brown Label: Note to Self - Sande Krieger; Free Blue Digital Flower: Sande Krieger; Memory Tags: Capture Life - Ali Edwards; Free Rectangle Digital Frame: Katie Pertiet; Fonts: Times New Roman (Nov 08) & Papyrus (San Diego)

Well I hope that you liked the layout, I am very proud of it and hope to do more soon. Now since I have the rest of the day off (extra surprise days off are wonderful) I will go take photos of all the things I've been meaning to get done and get them posted for you. Thanks for visiting, stop by again soon!
Until then just B.....patient


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