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How are things?
Well enough here I suppose, I have a wee little share for you all today. This is a TN that I made for my mom a few years back, maybe 2017 I think
It really wasn't meant to be anything at all actually. I had just picked up some of Tim Holtz new word dies and was trying them out - then I was playing around with napkin transfers on leather paper (the front cover is the result of that) and the next thing I knew I had this gem in my hand. Does that happen to any of you?
I wasn't sure at first while stitching the papers together if it was even going to work, the paper I had been playing around with was kraft stock which is a much thicker paper than normal, but somehow I managed to get it into a well ordered signature.
Each of the signatures (there are three signatures in all) have two crochet trims at their edges and those pages that do not are corner punched with a photo cut in order to hold a large page in it, as shown above, not sure why I did this but it actually looks rather cool.
In the center of each signature I tied in a little charm just for the fun of it and I think using the twine as my stitching worked out well for this - it compliments it nicely, a heavy texture to compensate the heavier paper.
As you can see in the photo above there are a few pages that don't have the trim nor the punched photo corner - this is where I was playing with the words. Once I got them punched out I was worried about keeping them intact over time so I thought to fold the paper in and use it as a side tuck spot (left side), looks cool with the twine stitched through I think. Also I added in a glassine photo pocket (right side) to give a little bit of privacy for photos or more personal thoughts. I think there are three of these - one per signature.
I have a hard time not giving each journal it's own voice if you know what I mean...but I didn't add a lot of volume to this one.
However here and there I did slip in a few bits and pieces just to give it some character and to act as a starting point, all in all this simple TN has turned into a sweet little bundle of joy.
Thanks for taking a look and I hope that it has inspired you to just play once in awhile...see where it might lead to...or what!

just B


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