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 Sharing a new journal with you today. This one I made in 2017 for a co-worker who was gearing up for a semester in Greece
 I knew I wanted this to be durable and flexible so I attempted a one signature cloth covered journal and am rather pleased with the end result
 I cut two pieces of fabric and then cut a file folder just slightly smaller to fit in between the two fabric pieces then stitched around the entire piece
 In my initial thought I wanted to use a larger paper so that my friend would have as much writing room as possible to record all the things from her time abroad that she wanted
 So instead of dying letter size paper I tea dyed legal size paper and made sure that my fabric cover would fit that before moving on
 Adding in map pages, dictionary pages and ledger papers; it made for quite a good looking travel journal
 Of course I added in my own bits and pieces giving it added interest
 lots to do with travel
 In the photo above on the right I added in an envelope with a twine closure  
 Here on the right is a top tuck
  Along the right side just another added bit
 And here on the bottom right a corner tuck spot
Lots and lots of space to document a semester's worth of education, new friendships, moments to reflect upon, and memories to be cherished.
I do hope that my friend now has it filled full of all of these things and more.

And I thank you for taking a peek!

just B


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