Mom’s 2017 TN

Hello Hello
 I have a personal share today
this one a labor of love
the pictures won't do it justice
because this guy is massive
Using the Eileen Hull TN die I created this with four signatures and each signature has 10 to 12 pages - I can't remember for sure I'd have to ask my mom 
I created this detailed look into our daily family life from 2017 I believe and gave it to my mom on Mother's Day in 2018
Not sure that this is what she was expecting but she had mentioned a few times to me prior that I hadn't made anything for her in ya
I know it was several months later she was still telling me how much she was enjoying reading through all my thoughts and all the events that took place, that made me feel good
I didn't fill up all of the pages completely, although a good many of them were taken...I wanted to leave some room for her in case she wanted to add in her own bits of memory from those moments too
After looking at these photos of this journal I'm really inspired to make a few more these for ourselves to keep track of the days, the weeks, and the months. Life moves so fast these days and our girls are growing up even faster, I want to hold it all close to my heart and never let it go but alas I know I cannot so maybe this is the next best thing.

Thank you for takin' a moment to share with me.
I pray that you are documenting the now somehow - someway!
I believe it is important to tell our stories and keep them safe.

just B


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