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Just wanted to pop in really quick and share the next junker. This one has been posted on my youTube channel for awhile and so I will apologize for not getting this posted way sooner. I honestly forgot all about it.

This junker is one of the first few I did after learning Nik the Booksmith's technique and I love it but of course, as with most things we are in process of learning, there are things I will do different in future. That being said, out of all of the first few I've made this one is probably my second favorite, only a step behind 'the Travelor' junker that I posted here a bit ago and will be  blogging about in the very near future.   
What makes this one my second favorite? It's quirkiness, this one has an eclectic assortment of papers first of all but then I also added in several bouts of stitching. I have had a long time love of sewing and stitching on pretty much anything but especially papers and when you add on all the cool crochet trims and laces and such - it is glorious.  
 I love that it has bits and pieces like tags and tabs and clips and tucks, it adds another level of dimension that it otherwise wouldn't have without those and they bring in that interactive element that is a must for me in my craft 
I love that even with all of those bits and pieces here and there the majority of the pages are blank, so it gives lots and lots of creative space to write or sketch or clip in favorite pics or craft a poem or jot down heartfelt lyrics...  
 But then you come across something unexpected like an alterations tag that opens up a whole new door in the way of journaling.
But then I've also added in a word search and oh my goodness think of the possibilities that could come from that - instead of the actual words on the list you could find your own words and create a prose
 Also a blank weekly calendar page, you could add in your current schedule of books you are reading and the next ones on your list to read, or you could put your crafting projects and priorities in there so that you know what is coming up next   
 Here we have a little accounting page where you could track your savings for a spell or just jot down what is currently coming out monthly, we think that those kind of details are mundane or useless but there have been several times over the years that I wish I could remember what I had to accomplish monthly on my's worth documenting now, I promise 
 Then there's the bag...a great little spot to tuck in all of those Instax pics or sweet little love notes that you want to savor
 I did also include a tie closure to help aid the book itself from losing any valuable piece of creativeness or documentation or keepsake, we want all of those precious pieces to stay safely tucked inside for recollections on another date or in another time.
Okay so I am sure some of you are wondering what exactly would I change on this particular junker...? Well...the answer is...
the spine and if you watch me any at all you know that with my latest/newest junkers I do all of my spines differently now. Nik teaches a curved spine in her booksmithing course and so I followed that direction for several tomes but then one day I decided to try using just a flat spine and my junker world changed...I now only ever make my junkers with a flat spine that is also of the same material as the covers...because why you ask?
I like for my junker to lay flat when I am writing or creating in it, the curved spine made that more difficult so I changed it.  

Alright this is all that I have for you today, I hope that you liked what I have shared, again I am sorry it has taken so long to post this junker...I do not know how so many of you can keep up with work and kids and spouses and still manage to post once or twice a week...I'm lucky to get one done every six months...crazy

Thank you all though for your continued efforts to check in with me every once in awhile and see where I'm at I do appreciate it very much.
Here's hoping that all of you are well and happy and creating your life to your liking!

just B


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