Gold Spark Travel Junker

Hello Hello
just poppin' in again real quick like to share this diamond in the rough...
this junker has a more masculine look than any other i have made to date, i plan to make several more to follow suit because i love this guy, i love to travel and he is just perfect for an excursion without the bother of all the frills and lace getting 'dirty'
this guy is a hardback but one of my older ones with the slightly curved spine. he is about 7 x 5 in height and width and his spine is 2 1/4 i believe
his over all look is a distressed brown with a creme dry brushed over the top then dry brushed once again with an antique metallic gold, i absolutely love the cover and then i included the 'travel' running along the outside edge
>> very cool in deed
the inside end covers are just plain with no adornments - very simple and there lending itself more to the masculine side
the pages themselves are your typical junk journal assortments with book pages, old dictionary sheets, tea dyed ledger, and so on and so forth
also included are lots of tidbits of random things - i used a lot of my stamps from my stash to create the elements for this guy to keep it more masculine and to stay away from the sewing machine as much as i possibly could
i love using my sewing machine but it tends to be more feminine when i stitch things in and it's probably more the pieces i am choosing rather than the stitching itself but i figure this way it'd be safer and i wouldn't be drawn to the softer side
so instead i have included lots of collage tags and as i mentioned several stamped tickets plus a few envelops here and there. you may have noticed, just as i did, that the collage tags have some stitching on them >> it adds texture and still gives off that more manly feel so that was intentional - just so you know
along the sides you may also notice that there are a few pieces dangling, again this is to add interest and they are a removable piece in case whomever brings this boy home doesn't care for them
when i'm thinking about adding pieces in i try to think outside of my own box; a friend that i work with who has purchased several of my junkers >> she tends to like the less embellished journals so i try to be intentional when i am working on the additional pieces that will eventually go in the junker
i did do a bit of stitching on one or two pages to act as page markers, again texture and this also brings in an organizational element as well but still falls in the totally and completely random column >> genius
don't you just love the tea stain?'s my favorite
here is a closer look at that collage tag that also dubs as a bookmark again giving whomever an option for organization if they so desire
and then finally the end cover again sticking with clean and simple, there are several spots within the pages to add bits and pieces in with clips and such plus a few other places to tuck things down into for safe keeping
the whole piece opened up, you'll notice maybe that the antique metallic gold is very subtle and just adds such a sophisticated touch but still more on the masculine side of the line 
okay there you have it
>> i hope you like it as much as i do - this piece is listed in my Etsy and you can find my shop here
thank you so much for poppin' in

just B


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