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Happy 2019
Today I have a junk journal that I made for a co-workers daughter, her daughter is 16 and was heading to Panama Canal for a trip that her and several other students had been invited to attend and I being that same age when I traveled to Guatemala, wanted to make her something to keep all of her memories in...the stories and happenings of her trip. I think it is super important for young adults to get outside of their own country and see how other parts of the world live and work; I think - rather I hope that it would give them a sense of gratitude for all that they have but also a heart filled with love and understanding
I started this journal with a medium weight black chipboard and Eileen Hull's journal die by Sizzix and then used copy paper that I hand painted for the signature inserts 
The beginning of each signature starts with a black sheet of copy paper and then I added in one more half way through both signatures. I like the look of this with the black covers I think it adds to the overall feel of the journal and makes the painted pages pop
On some of the pages I stitched a piece of tracing paper for a see-through pocket - these are not large but they would hold a receipt or a clothing tag or something else of the sort
On other pages I tucked up the bottom portion of the paper to create a larger tuck spot which would hold taller pieces of ephemera, across the pockets I stitched on a piece of dyed lace to add some dimension and interest
As you may have noticed I also added a couple of hidden spots disguised as corner tuck spots, love these things they are just plain fun and add oh so much
I also added in a few vellum bags and did a few more folded end pockets, I wanted there to be plenty of room for all the ephemera she may have gathered and collected on her trip
Also within the book I've added in a travel quote or can never go wrong with those so there you have it. I hope you like it 
Now correct me if I am mistaken but it seems that more and more people are getting the opportunity to 'travel the world' - I pray that as more people see it, they will see with heartfelt human eyes that figures out how to connect to others they meet on their travels

Thanks so much for stopping in and if you are traveling this year - I wish you safe travels and an open heart. Remember no trip is too short & every adventure is absolutely worth documenting!

just B


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