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What's up?
I have been trying to pick up my camera a bit more lately, haven't done so well with that this year, and so I thought that I'd share some photos from our past week
 We started off with a fun little Easter Egg Hunt up at my in-law's farm and I happened upon this tree, I have probably seen it a dozen times or so but Sunday I really 'saw' it and all it's beauty
 I absolutely love the bright Easter Egg colors and this year was no exception, the coloring kits I bought were super easy and quick so I'll be on the look out for those again next year
Met a lady on Tuesday afternoon who was a friend of a co-worker and she was getting rid of her scrap you have an idea of how much I was given, wow!
 This was taken later in the week when we had quite a few rain clouds pass through, I love rain and a good thunderstorm as long as that is all that it is
 At the in-laws once again - this time for a Vet visit and a barn raid (FYI - they own the barn and the stuff mind ya)
my mother-in-law happens to be a fantastic crafter and so she thinks of me before getting rid of things - we were going through this old gem and day dreaming of all the things we could come up with if only we both had more time
 This is the one who had a visit with the Vet for her 1st yearly check up, doc said she looks great even if she does weigh 93 should've seen me trying to lift her into the back of my Escape... priceless but thankfully painless
 my best friend had a birthday last week so of course I had to make her a pretty handmade card
 my nook is getting some extra attention because I am reading The Matched Trilogy and can't seem to put it down
 BUT I'm not as bad as I was when I read the first one in this series, do you ken? Aye - Outlander is one to read for sure
my oldest is already counting down the days to summer break and my youngest can't hardly wait for school to start this, I s'pose that's what Kindergarten will do to a five year old
my youngest is also really happy for bear bear because they now have matching pajamas
This just makes me happy
love the color and the light

have a fabulous day!
just B


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