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Good Day Mi Ladies!
 Good Day Gents!
Hope this lovely afternoon finds you all very well.  I have several layouts and cards to share with all of you today.  I was asked by Carolyn several weeks back to do some 'Princess' themed things to celebrate not only the Royal Wedding between William & Kate, but also because of an exhibit here that was taking place locally.  I had to chuckle to myself because even with 2 little girls, I had managed thus far to avoid doing any kind of 'princess' layouts.  As it turned out, Carolyn called me on it.  When she mentioned the assignment (which to me 'this' was mostly certainly an assignment) I cringed, and she noticed and said, "but you have 2 Girls!" ...... yes yes I know, it's pathetic.  What she doesn't know is that up until about 3 years ago, when my oldest daughter decided pink was her favorite color, I couldn't hardly stand it nor any shade of it, so she is very lucky - lucky that I love a good challenge and lucky that I even like pink.  :)

Working with all the different pattern papers proved to be a difficult challenge because although I have since changed my stand on 'pink' - I couldn't help but think that half of these looked like they'd been dipped in Pepto Bismol (case-in-point).

Eventually I got over it and just did whatever it is that I do when I get in the 'groove' and well.... this is what I came up with. 

This one happens to be my favorite of the layouts that I created.    I love the look of the tiara and with the tulle it makes it look like a wedding veil.  That coupled with only a few other embellishments, it makes for a very simple wedding page that could house several favorite photos.
 This is the second page I created, and although the pattern paper isn't my favorite, it works well for a back ground.  I kept the layout simple just because that tends to be my go-to-style when I am not as confident in a particular area.  My favorite element on this page happens to be the ribbon - I love working with ribbon, fiber, trim - you name it and I probably have it in my stash somewhere.
This layout was the first of the 3 and it is right up there in my list of favorite layouts.  I think it is bold and beautiful, yet simple.  
So here I have several cards but I can't remember which one came first so we'll say that this was the first of the bunch.  It's interesting what I have learned just by being a scrapbooker.  Take this white texture paper (for  example) that I rubbed with a silver metallic rub-on, before being a scrapper I would never have given much thought to it's texture but now, I have a well polished love for the texture and it's detail.
This card was an accident in that it ended up looking a lot like a formal purse, with the ribbon (same one from that earlier layout) acting as the handle, and the flower embellishment acting as the closure.  I absolutely love that sparkly, shimmery paper - it totally adds to it's charm and really makes the 'purse' believable.
This card along with the next 2 are all very simple, of course it is possible to add a bit more too the last one if you wanted and you could also add a bit of embellishing to the inside of each card.  I chose not to because I wanted the simple look.

This is the last of what I came up with and it is my favorite, in fact I loved it so much that I will be doing two more of these banners - one for Liberty's room and one for Justice's room.  If anyone is at all up-to-date with scrap booking than this 'banner' is no surprise but for those of you that don't follow scrap booking - then all you need to know is that 'banners' are huge right now.  Needless to say that is mostly why I chose to do one, the fact that it came out so well and that I fell in love with it, is totally a bonus for me.  I used that same shiny shimmery paper from the card earlier and used my scallop circle punch with a deep purple textured paper, then topped it with another shiny shimmery circle punch and the word 'Princess' spelled out using one of Tim Holtz's alpha die.  To string it, I punched holes @ each corner on each side of the pennants, braced each hole   with a gold eyelet, and then used a deep purple floss to hang it with.  My goal is to get a couple more done for my girls and then if I have a good response to them, maybe do a few more as gifts for later in the year, that'd be good don't you think?  
Alright well I think that is all for now, I still have lots to share and to do so I will be sighing off for now, but check back soon and hopefully I will have something new up for you to take a peek at.  Thanks for stopping in and have a wonderful Father's Day weekend!
just B......


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