Hello Again

Good Day Everyone
I have lots to share with you this week because I have been an absentee long enough.  I have several weeks of design work to show you and some new house pics to post and then just what ever else I can think of to throw in here.

First up I will have to say that I am loving our new home, it has been a very long time coming and to be able to jump on it several years early (so that our soon to be Kindergarten daughter doesn't have to transfer schools in between grades or the middle of a year) is huge to us.  But with the move comes a lot of unforeseen work, and although I technically don't work full time, I do still work 4 days a week and to throw a move in the mix has been my excuse for not blogging lately.

Another thing that I am still doing is my design work for The Scrapbook Page, during the course of our move I was able to take several weeks off, but here lately I've been right back @ it and I think slowly but surely I am finding my creative groove again.  It was a little rocky there the first couple of weeks but with the organization of my scrapbook room finally coming into it's own, it has certainly helped.  And just in case you missed that - I did say my scrapbook 'room' 

check it out....
                  (it's obviously a work in progress still, but I am so loving it...oh and yeah it's also our guest bedroom so when ever we have family or friends over we can offer them a place to sleep if need be)

As for the house I have not taken near as many photos as I would have liked @ this point but here is a couple of nice shots I took last week when we got our living room tables in

 taken in the living room
 new landing table and coat rack that my mom had
 view of the living room taken from the kitchen
 mother's day roses that my 5 year old picked out : )
a peek into our dining room

As of right now I don't have much up on the walls, heck I'm lucky to have the curtains up, but my 'coffee' shelf there in the corner of our dining room was a must to get up before I used up the wall space.  For those of you that don't know, I am a coffee freak!  They say the road to recovery is to admit you have a problem, well I haven't a single problem with coffee: I love it in the morning, I love it in the evening, I love it in the Fall & Winter and most definitely in the Spring & Summer, I will have it here or there - pretty much anywhere, and for those of you that care..... I don't drink.....beer.  : )

Okay so here are a few sneak peeks @ some design work I've been doing lately.  Carolyn has me doing a little bit of everything: layouts, cards, mini books, etc.  Can you tell which is which?  

 it was a princess theme...can you tell?
 in ode to Princess Diana
 first attempt ever @ doing a princess one, not bad since I have 2 
 another princess theme
 this one is my favorite
 this one uses my favorite patterned paper
 really like this one for a guy
 and this one was just genius on my part
i just love Spring!  it's my favorite season!

It wasn't that hard to figure out was it?  Didn't think so but I had to try.  So as you can now 'see', I have lots to share and hopefully the next few days I'll be able to get a couple things up for all of you to enjoy.  Now that the house is finally coming together and we have somewhat of a routine, I should be able to post a bit more often....be even easier once I get my laptop up & running again!
Okay then I'm off to get some other things done before my entire day escapes me, hope you are having a fine day yourself and thank you for stopping in.

Just B ..... joyful!!!

just a quick look @ my first altered project for our home
these two ended up in my youngest daughter's room
 and these two went into my oldest daughter's room

love how they add a little bit of something to their curtains, may have to try something more down the road to add to that - I'm thinking maybe a fabric pin board is in order for both rooms - hum
: )


Aisling's Momma said…
You have been busy!! Can't wait to see it all in person. love ya!
Mom said…
Love the recent posts (especially Day 16)! And the pictures of your new home are great!

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