The Lazy Days of Autumn

Sunset in Cancun taken by Ashley
Afternoon rain shower in Cancun taken by me

Really needing to do a post soon, sorry I've been really busy on vacation this last week and before that I was really busy making stuff, so as soon as I get done being lazy (needing a vacation from my vacation)...I'll get a post up.  Starting December 1st, I'll be joining Ali Edwards along with many others, in doing a December Daily Album.  We'll see if I can really do it and keep up with it (didn't make it even a week last year -what with a new baby and all), I don't know but I'm gonna try.  : ) 
If you are wanting more information on what the December Daily is, click here and it will take you to Ali's site and give you an idea of what this album is all about.  Now that I've gotten my R&R, on with it I say.  Hope everyone is doing well and wishing all of you a wonderful holiday! 
"Happy Thanksgiving"


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