Out With the Old in With the New

Ten Things for 2010
1. Happy New Year - welcome 2010 - damn glad to see ya
2. I have realized that I too - like my 3 year old - need a routine
3. My drug of choice: caffeine
4. I'm thinking about changing up my 15 year old hair style
5. I've heard that 'Patience is a Virtue' - I think virtues are over-rated
6. Like my two month old daughter - I've come to enjoy snoozing off & on throughout the day
7. Amazingly enough - even in my mid 30's - I CAN function on 4-5 hours of sleep a night (kinda)
8. My other drug of choice: chocolate
9. I think that like my husband - I could very easily go to bed anytime after 9:30 pm any given day of the week, but with regret most likely
10. Just remember that whatever you do for others - do it with love & kindness
Okay so there's a little something to help celebrate the new year -10 things for 2010! I was inspired by one of my previous posts titled '16 Things' that I did almost a year ago, thought that maybe it was time once again to give you an inside look into my world.
And before I forget - my Word for this year happens to be: Patience
yes yes you read it right, patience - just in case I happen to be wrong - that whole bit about virtue's being over-rated - of course I may need lots of help with this one. In the years past my word has chosen me, this year I chose it because I do need help in this area, and maybe if I have to think about it daily, it'll give me the opportunity to really grasp the idea. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, check out Ali's site, go to the archives: January 2007 - look for the title "One Little Word" and there she explains the basic concept. Since finding this alternative to a New Year's Resolution - I have done it every year and have totally enjoyed it!
2008 - it is what it is
2009 - balance
2010 - patience
Well thanks for checking in - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
just B - inspired!


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