Hello Justice

Thankful For:

Aside from the all-nighters that include everything from dirty diapers to screaming fits, I am so thankful for this precious tiny bundle of joy!

Just wanted to introduce the newest member of our family, Little Miss Justice!

She is 2 weeks old today and already she has the 3 of us wrapped around her itty bitty tiny pinky. Well maybe not Liberty quite so much as dad & I, but look @ that face, how could we not be? It's funny how quickly we forget things like sleepless nights once little ones have outgrown that phase, and how hard it is to keep up with the house work, much less anything else, once little one arrives. My goals to get lots done is quickly being realized, I'm realizing that not much is getting done. At this point I am lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep a night and right now I'll take it, what little I do get is better than nothing. Of course that doesn't mean that I don't have lots of ideas and had lots of good intentions, but sometimes things just don't work out quite like we'd like, but such is life!

As for scrap work, I haven't done squat - I'm lucky that I'm even able to keep up with my November tag book, and in all reality the only thing getting done there are the photos, the journaling I'll have to just fill in when I get time. I'm hoping that since I have been keeping up with the photos, that when I go back to do the journaling that having the photos will jog my memory of what exactly happened on that day, but we'll see. As for Christmas stuff, well there again I have lots of really cool ideas and good intentions of getting these things done, but will they actually get done, who knows. If they do...great - if they don't....oh well! I'm not even going to stress on it, there's always next Christmas!

Well this is all I have for you today, thanks for taking a look! Come back soon!

just B - thankful!!!


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