I Think It's Love!

Happy Anniversary Babe!

I can't believe how lucky I am - to have been with this great guy now for almost 8 years and to still be in love with him. I am still surprised every once in awhile as to why he picked me but boy does that make me a very happy woman. *PINCH ME* I am a happily married woman! Amazing! How cool is that. I am totally blessed. I only hope that my husband is as happy as I, that he still looks at me the same as he did 5 years ago when we said, "I Do". Not sure if he realizes how much trust I put in him, but I do. He is my safety & security, he is my lover & my friend, he is my teacher & my kid, and I love him to no end. We have made a good life and have a wonderful daughter, who come November, will be a big sister to another beautiful baby girl! Not sure that I can ask for more, more than my share of dreams have already come true.
Bill, "Thank You - I Love You"!

Here is the card I made for him, the circle cut-outs actually have vellum behind them, so when the card is opened, they have a translucent effect. I kept the card simple because to me it is simple - I love him - enough said.


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