Fall Projects

Hello everyone, thought that I'd give an update on some of my current projects that are sitting in my head or on my desk. But first and foremost -Happy Autumn-I so hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather as much as I am, I can never get enough of high 70's and low 80's, it's perfect. And then to top it all off the trees are now starting to change color and that is so inspiring to me but I can't really explain why. Anyways I'm trying something new, I have iTunes open and am currently listening to 'Alice' which is an alternative radio station in San Francisco and I have to say it's not to bad for on-line radio, a little bit of old & new, lots of songs I know and some I don't. Cool! Now on to current projects:

This book was one of those I mentioned in my last post that didn't have a purpose and well now it does. The cover of this book is fabric that I used from quilter's quarters and in between the two pieces I used a piece of white foam to give some added strength, and as you can see I also used the grommets along the left side as a way to bind the book together. Throughout the book there are five pages (all the pages are just regular cardstock with a couple of transparent ones too) and again on those individual pages I used smaller grommets for the purpose of binding it all together; the back cover is done exactly as the front. The book has become a pet project that has been on going for at least a few weeks now and at the end of this month, will hopefully come together quickly. I have dubbed it 'Tuesdays with B' and it just so happens that there are 5 Tuesdays in September this year so it seemed fitting to do it now rather than to wait until December (the only month left this year with 5 Tuesdays) because that month is already crazy enough on it's own. So when I complete this book I will share it with you. As for my next project, there's one that has me inspired, I found it awhile back while flipping through Donna Downey's book called "Photo Decor" and I'm tempted to try it for Christmas gifts if mine turns out well.

These are just plain wooden blocks that I picked up at Michaels and when I'm done with them hopefully they will be as cool as Donna's are, that's my vision anyway we'll see. And if you are interested in who Donna Downey is, below is a link to her website:

The final project I have in mind is totally cool and I'm so excited about it. I think that Liberty will love it when I'm done with it and then even more when we can start using it. Of course I'll have to put some thought into this one when it comes to actually using it because I can just see my husband having to be the one to let Liberty make x-mas tree garland or x-mas tree ornaments, yeah right that'd go over well...(chuckle chuckle) so on the nights that he's home alone with L, I'll have to keep it simple. Not to confuse anyone let me show you the picture of this one:

This is brand new from Karen Foster Design, it's called a 'Countdown Calendar' and I have in mind to make it a countdown to Christmas (we did that when I was growing up and always enjoyed it). It has 25 pull-out boxes to put stuff in, so after I get it decorated I'll have to figure out what to put in all those boxes, if you have any ideas you'd like to share please feel free to leave me a comment. I'm thinking of making some of the boxes just candy or chocolate (saving those for dad's night) and then I'm also thinking of doing a project in others that Liberty & I can do together, then my last thought was to do maybe a couple with just Christmas readings or going out to look @ Christmas lights or watching a Christmas movie, what do you think? Other than this Christmas project the only other one I need to start thinking about is Christmas cards, can't believe it's that time again already, but if I don't start at least thinking about them they will never get done in time. One last thought for Christmas, I think this year for our family photo I am going to try and do it myself rather than go to Target. Don't get me wrong Target has done great photos for us in the past but if I can manage w/o them then why not. We'll see how it turns out, might have to do a trial run soon to see if this is even an option, but worse comes to worse least I gave it a shot.
Well there you have it, the projects that are currently on my list. Thankfully I have several months to complete these and if I don't I suppose there's always next year ; ) right? RIGHT!
Early next month I am going to be going with a very good friend of mine to the CK Expo in Kansas City (so looking forward to spending time with her and scrapbooking together) anyways maybe at the crop on Friday night I'll get some things done that I can share with you on a later post, until then just B....happy! Thanks for visiting!!!


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