Here's the Pictures

Okay so I said the pics were there and they weren't, so let me try again. Here you go; I have here the cover, the 3rd and 4th pages, and then the last photo is of pages 5 and 6. As I said before it isn't all that fancy but I like how it turned out, especially being a rainy afternoon project, sometimes those are my favorites.

The cover has a lot of texture, which I really like, now that I've done it and of course you can't go wrong with the mini train tracks that I picked up a few years ago at a craft store, they came in real handy for just such a project-lucky me! Now these next pages have stamping on one page and then the opposite page has patterned paper to mat the photos. I did this more to emphasize the photos because that was more important to me for this particular project; but as you may notice, the stamped page does have a journaling block that I have journaled in and that just helps tell the story a bit more.


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